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The Maine Whitewater Championship started on the Kennebec river on Saturday with a solid turn out and fluffy levels.

Racers where challenged with 6500cfs for the time trial and elected to wait until afternoon for the mass start downriver race at 7400cfs.

I recently borrowed a large Karma from Chris Audet and have been really enjoying the ride and speed.

The river was very busy on Saturday but most of us managed to avoid the rafts and navigate the higher flows. The time trial times were faster for me and I ended up tied for 4th and I think 6th or 7th in the mass start. In the time trails the top six paddlers were only separated by for seconds!

Sunday was a perfect day for Huckfest. Another busy river day as I shot pictures, video and set safety on river right. What an incredible place to hang out all day and watch paddlers fly off this drop. Amazing weekend up here in Maine!

Thanks to Albert and Rapidshooters for the pictures.