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My weekend of kayak fishing started with me driving down for the annual Runswick Bay Summer Kayak Fishing Festival, held on the North Yorkshire coast. 84 kayak anglers from around the country had turned up to compete for the top spot.

The match was under way at 10am, I had until 4pm to try and catch the biggest fish. The best chance of a win (or at least placed) would be to catch a Cod or maybe a decent Ling, the sea was clear so artificials such as rubber shads were the order of the day.

Despite my best efforts for 5.5hrs I just couldn’t get a Cod! I tried every Cod lure in all my favourite spots but just couldn’t tempt a bite! With 30mins remaining I decided a change of tactic was needed. I rigged up the spinning rod with a Pollock rig. Could a wrangle out a Pollock with only 30mins to go? Well I actually managed 3! However the biggest was only 3lb 11oz, not big but it’s better than nothing!

Well that 3lb 11oz Pollock managed to get me 9th place on the leader board, I was pretty pleased with 9th place out of 84 anglers. It was a very enjoyable day as always and I walked away with a bit of extra cash so not a bad day 🙂

Sunday was a pleasure session targeting Cod and Pollock with fellow JK team member Mike Taylor. We had a bit more luck today with us both landing Cod and Pollock, biggest was only 5lb but good fun on the light gear.


Jellyworms and trolling plugs did the trick today, fishing over the shallow kelp covered ground for the Pollock and deeper water for the Cod. I love this sort of fishing and for me kicks off my favourite time of year… Pollock season! 🙂