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The world cup #2 in Salt, Spain, is just over! It has been a great success for the JK team, as usual 😉
The rock Star is on all the podiums and wins in senior men and women!

The scores were crazy in all the categories. You needed over 400points to get on junior women podium, 800 i n c1, 1000 in junior men, 600 in women senior, and 1400 in senior men! Knowing that Dane won last year worlds with a 1200, it’s amazing to see how the sport progress every year.

Here are the podiums!
Junior femme:
1 Nuria Fontane (rock star s)
2 Rowan Stuart
3 MAMMITZSCH Julie (rock star s)

Junior homme:
1 Max Karlsson
2 Thomas Richard
3 Lane Delanemaeure (rock star m)

1 Jordan Poffenberger
2 Dane Jackson (Rock Star m)
3 Tad dennis

Femme senior
1 Emily Jackson (rock Star s)
2 Hitomi Takaku (dorck Star s)
3 Marlene Devillez

Homme senior:
1 Dane Jackson (rock star m)
2 Mathieu Dumoulin (rock star m)
3 Quim Fontane