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Pay It Forward (PIF) is a fundraising paddle/potluck/raffle event that a few buddies and I have organized since 2010 to help NCKA (NorCal Kayak Anglers) members battling cancer or other serious illness.

From 2010-2013 we raised over $40,000 for my buddy Joel Lotilla aka Mooch who was battling Cancer…Mooch passed away last year, and we chose Hailey Pass (daughter of NCKA member Porky) as the 2014 recipient after she almost died up at Stanford ICU in March with immune system issues.


Before the actual PIF paddle on Sunday we were able to raise and give Hailey’s family over $6,000 through a combination of DOTY and AOTY registration fees, donations and other fundraising efforts.

We had a TON of awesome prizes donated for Sunday’s raffle including great stuff from Amadeo Bachar, GoBroGrips from Sean Herrero, a great paddle from Aqua Bound and a brand new Cuda14 illuminati donated by Jackson Kayak!!!

Haileys’ family couldn’t afford to buy any raffle tickets, but an NCKA member (JustRoberts) bought a few so they could share in the raffle fun…

When it came time to draw the winning ticket for the Cuda14 we spun the ticket hopper a gazillion times and had hailey pull the ticket out…she dug in there deep…and pulled out her Dad’s ticket!!!!!!!!!!!

Hailey and her family went home with over $8,000 AND a brand new kayak!!

Here is a little video I made of just some of the on the water shenanigans…

SUPs, Tandems, AIs, SIKs, SOTs…BBQd sausages, grilled fresh caught baby octopi….cold beers…jello shots…moonshine…boat walks…sanddabs, rockfish, Lingcod…smiles, laughs, friendships and family.

The OTW fun is just one part of the whole PIF event, but my hope is that people will see the videos and pics of the fun we have out there and come out next year, paddle, chill, participate back on the beach and support PIF.

THANK YOU Jackson Kayak for the very generous donation of the Cuda14!!!