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Being new to team JK, it takes some time to adjust to a new boat. I have to sometimes remind myself to slow down, remember the basics, and get in touch with a new boat. Kelly’s whitewater park is a perfect place for that. With three different features, it offers something for everyone, not to mention warm water!

Getting to meet new people and reconnect with old friends can all happen at Kelly’s. Stepping out of the boat for a break, I got to coach a number of kayakers that are just learning to either flat spin or to loop. I probably had more excitement from coaching them instead of figuring things out for myself.

Here are some simple tips that even the most advanced boaters forget about:

  • look where you want to go. Your boat will follow your shoulders, and your shoulders will naturally follow your head. This is a simple but effective thing to remember no matter in a playboat or out creeking.
  • Be patient. Let the water do most the work for you.
  • Stay balanced. Nothing makes for a better windowshade than dropping an edge on accident.
  • And most importantly, smile, roll up and try again.