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A couple weeks ago, a group of us were lucky enough to get our hands on the new Jackson Kayak FUN. We commandeered the boat and took it on our 5 day Yampa trip. What we found. . . it lives up to it’s name.

The new Fun is the perfect river runner. The first thing I noticed was comfort. Some days we spent almost 5-6 hours on the river, and I never experienced any pain, numbness, or discomfort.

Secondly, this thing rolls like a dream. I may be on the small side of someone who can paddle the new Fun, but I had no trouble getting this thing around.

Lastly, I was able to catch just about any wave I wanted and still paddled well on Class III/IV water. It went exactly where I wanted it to go with ease and grace. I even saw some stern squirts and roundhouses being thrown.

We had the regular Fun size with us. I paddled it well at 5’5″, but it also fit Toby well who is definitely bigger than I am. I even saw Colin who is as big as beanstalk throwing the new Fun around.

In summary. . . a great all around boat for river running, while throwing in some play at the same time.

Jessica Yurtinus