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Hydro Quebec has been incredibly generous and has helped us get the water low for one of the Worlds best waves: GARBERATOR! Garberator is a fast, powerful wave with hard shoulders making it so you can go big but also crash hard. Luckily today the levels were as good as they get so the rides were more in control then they could have been at other levels.


We kicked off the morning with OC-1. There were three competitors- the winner happened to have been in an oc-1 his very first time the day before. Andy Hill threw a massive blunt and behind him was Matt Cuccaro- a multi time Canadian Team Member and super nice guy!

Following was C-1 which provided much entertainment. Two heats of C-1 all of which were Canadian. They had LOTS of quick flushes which made the first cut basically whoever got points on the board. Kalob Grady swam in prelims but still managed to score enough points to make it to finals. In the end he didnt quite make it through but

Vincent Dupont

Zachary Zwanenburg

Chris McDormont


Next was Junior Men and the kennedy brothers threw down. 3 of the 5 were Canadian so their team is officially chosen as of today (as of the rest of the teams except for the men)

Quinton Kennedy

Calum Kenndy

Andrew Oxley

The american boys did good as well taking two spots out of the top 5- Alec Voorhees and David Silk. Alec taking 1st and David taking 4th.

Junior women took the stage next and with only two places available it was a tight event. Emily Zwanenburg popped her rib out but luckily only after securing her place on the team. Taking first after not being able to catch the wave was Claire Parrott. She killed it with her best ride all summer!

The women had 12 cutting to 5. If two of the top 5 were not canadian then we would officially know the team. Thats exactly what happened and Claire O’Hare took 1st in prelims (finals tomorrow) with consistent good rides. Emily Jackson second with not very consistent rides but one high scoring ride. Followed by Alex (something) Alex was the first of the Canadians with BIG air blunts. followed by Katie Kowalski and Rae Borrato. Those three ladies have secured their place for the 2015 ICF World Championships.

The men anticipated  at least a 1,500 point combined score to make top 10. Little did they know the pressure of doing that would whittle the score down to as low as 1,000 to make top 10.

Tomorrow will decide the mens team. but moving on to the semi final round we have 8 Canadians and 2 Americans

Taking top spot was Dane Jackson with a combined score of 2,740.

2nd was Nick Troutman- leading the Canadian boys.

We had Devyn Scott in 3rd,

Joel Kowalski

Stephen Wright

Thomas Fahrun

Kalob Grady

Adam Chappell

Patrick Camblin

Tyler Curtis

Tomorrow will be an exciting day. We can expect big scores and big moves. For the men be sure to tune back in and we will announce who will be repressing the K-1 Men at the 2015 ICF World Championships!! Starts at 9 am tomorrow- first rides are when the water hits below the 0 mark! there will also be a full list of scores and the official team with all the current team members- sorry i couldn’t remember all the names!

Dane Jackson 2740

Nick Troutman 2070

Devyn Scott 1,800

Joel Kowalski 1,760

Stephen Wright 1,550

Thomas Fahrun 1,280

Kalob Grady 1240

Adam Chappell 1140

Patrick Camblin 1045

Tyler Curtis 1000


SO officially representing CANADA thus far is:


Andrew Hill

Matt Cuccaro

Junior W-

Emily Zwanenburg

Claire Parrott

Junior M-

Quinton Kennedy

Calem Kennedy

Andrew Oxley


Vincent Dupont

Chris McDormont

Zachary Zwanenburg

K-1 W-

Alex Mott

Katie Kowalski

Rae Borratto