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I have recently negotiated access to Six Hills Jetski Lake in Leicestershire for kayak anglers. This is a lake that has not been fished for over 20 years and in a recent small survey electro fishing revealed a good stock of carp from 8ozs up to over 15lbs.

I had a quick look around the lake and it was obvious that it has not been managed as a fishery, there was a tremendous amount of weed growth, but there were fishable patches.

I returned to the lake this week with the Cuda 14 ready for a session trying to catch the ‘virgin fish’. My first thought was that as the lake had ducks on it and children often fed them bread then that would be the way to go.

I paddled around and saw disturbance from carp laying in the weed. I scattered free offerings of floating bread crust and brad flake over a two hour period and I did not see a single fish feed

Then a jetskier cam onto the lake and I headed for an anchorage near to the central island where I knew there was a clear area. Just as the rain started I settled down.

Within minutes I was soaked through! A word of advice: ‘Don’t believe the BBC weather forecast!’

Still kayak fishing IS a watersport and we get wet.

Still bread was not producing any bites, time for a change. I made up some ground bait of brown crumb and Sensas Magic laced with maggots and sweetcorn. I was float fishing with 2 grains of corn on the hook.

I was fishing in 3-4ft of water only about 15ft from the kayak. Within minutes I saw swirls for carp tails and line bites on the float.

Within 10 minutes the first carp was hooked and more followed rapidly.

I had to scale up my tackle as I was fishing 3lb mainline and whilst I was getting most in I lost a few as they were making hard first runs and I could not put enough pressure on to stop them reaching the thick weed beds.

Now I felt more in control and the fish kept coming.

I was catching a mixture of common carp and mirror carp. The largest couple were 8 1/2 lbs and the smallest about 3lbs with an average size between 6-7lbs. I ended up with 18 fish some of which I kept for a photo to illustrate the potential Six Hills has. I reckon. My best ever days fishing on a kayak.