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So my phone rings and its an inquiry about my guide services. The voice on the other end is female, professional, and inquisitive. It turns out that this young woman, an attorney by trade, has a boyfriend who recently discovered the joys of fishing. In particular, he’s been curious about kayak fishing. So the young lady (Roxana) wants to buy her boyfriend (Isael) a guided kayak fishing trip for his birthday. Species wasn’t important to her. She just wanted him to have fun and learn the ropes. So we set a date for them to drive down from Miami to the Keys and get on the water. Oh, and one last thing. It was a SURPRISE for his birthday!

Amazingly, no one told Isael about the fishing trip. He just thought he and Roxana were having a fun weekend in Key West. In fact, until they pulled up to the launch site, he was completely in the dark. Man, this guiding business is really fun sometimes! I couldn’t have asked for an easier start to the day. We targeted small sharks, barracuda, snapper, etc., just to get both of then familiar with fishing from little plastic boats. And check out how easily these two novices were standing in the Jackson Cudas.

I’m nominating them for cutest kayak fishing couple of the year. 🙂