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Kayak fishing is a sport that requires gear that can handle tough conditions. As kayakers, we are often shoving our gear into dry bags, storage hatches, we slip on rocks, get caught on briars walking down to the put in. Needless to say, that any day on the water we are putting all our gear to the test, especially our clothes. In this post I will be reviewing a few pieces from Kokatat, one being the Bahia Tour PFD, another one is the Gore-Tex Pullover Jacket, and the Gore-Tex pant.

The Kokatat Bahia Tour PFD is built with the kayak fisherman in mind. There are several features that really make time on the water more enjoyable. One of my favorites is the back of the pfd only has foam in the upper portion of the back, which allows for me to rest my back comfortably against my kayak seat, instead of being pushed forward like pfd’s with a full back. Also, the lower portion is mesh, which allows for great ventilation. Also, there is plenty of storage for items needed to keep handy in the front bellow pockets, including a dedicated pliers slot. One item I always keep in the pockets is my SPF chapstick. Spending long days in the sun and often in the wind, it can really take a toll on my lips, and I love having it in such a convenient spot. This also ensures it doesn’t fall out of my pocket and into the river.

The next item is the Kokatat Gore-Tex Pullover Jacket. This jacket is phenomenal. I live in the southeast, where we don’t get crazy cold temperatures but we sure do get plenty of rain. This jacket packs down extremely well. I can put it in the small bag attached to the back of my Jackson Kayak seat, or in the day hatch storage compartment. Here in the south, a lot of the time I don’t need warmth with my rain jacket and this jacket is great for paddling and staying dry in the summer heat without sweating to death. Being that it is Gore-Tex it also does a great job keeping out the wind, so adding a good base layer like the Kokatat wool core, this jacket can help keep you dry and warm in cooler conditions too.

The last item is the Gore-Tex Deluxe Boater pants. Much like the pullover jacket I just mentioned, these pants pack down very well, and do a fantastic job of keeping out wind and rain, without making me too hot when paddling. The boater pant is like a normal pair of pants with open legs, they do not have the booties attached. I do like this style for warmer fishing and summer time conditions. I can just slide them on and off without having to mess with my shoes. These pants also sport a front pocket that folds over, kind of like the top of a dry bag, which helps keep splash and rain out of the pocket.

I’ve been using Kokatat gear for a few years now, and have yet to be disappointed with any of it. Everything is very high quality; I’ve honestly not had the first manufacture defect on any of my products. This says a lot as I am on the water a bunch and travel with this gear several months out of the year. It also feels great to support a company that keeps it all here in the great US of A, they are based out of Arcata, CA since 1971.