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This past weekend we had a former Reno boater come back to visit for the first time in three years. I taught Newt to boat and he did really well, while he still lived in Reno. He learned in the ’07 Fun and loved the boat. Work took Newt to Phoenix, where he certainly does not get to boat at all. I believe that he has been in the boat once over that time in the ocean to catch some waves. When he came back to town boating was on the top of the list of fun activities to squeeze in. Since we are having our worst water year in anyone’s memory we were limited to a run on the Chili Bar section of the South Fork of the American river. It is a class 3-3+ play run with one bigger rapid at the end that should receive a 4- rating.

Newt was a tiny bit apprehensive about jumping back in with both feet but after a few rolls and a solid group to back him up he was ready to go. It was really cool to watch him shake the cobwebs off through the first few rapids and to find his mojo again. 5 rapids in he was surfing and trying to stick some fun little boofs. Watching this perfect Guiney pig situation unfold was really cool to see how forgiving and predictable the new ’15 Fun was.

At the end of the day you could not even tell that Newt had not really boated in the past three years. I am super impressed at the range of boaters that the new fun can appeal to and work for. It’s design properties allow it to lend a helping hand to newer boaters while at the same time has enough performance to keep seasoned boaters entertained. I am anxiously waiting to get my 4 Fun on the Gauley this fall. In addition I am excited to push it down some more challenging water like Great Falls on the Potomac or the Tobin section of the Feather, which it a boulder choked creek style run. Where will your new ’15 Fun take you?

Later ; Colin

Team JK