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Hey all,

Spending day and night chatting to dealers and media about our new kayaks.  Turning heads left and right, especially at demo day has been the two new whitewater products for 2015:  the new Fun and Zen!  Both kayaks have been redesigned to bring them to a clear place in a whitewater paddler’s need; the case of the Fun its a return to the Fun of old and in the case of the Zen an improvement to its handling of speed in certain river conditions.

Back to the FUN of old!
Coming initially in two sizes (Fun and 4 Fun) the layout of this version will be much more similar in intention to the first and second generation Funs:  Great play and even more solid river running characteristics.  A bit longer, and a little more volume, this lightweight Fun is our most comfortable, performs well running rivers, and playing in holes and on waves.  This is a very beginner friendly kayak, but you won’t outgrow it for your local runs, big water, or just having an all around Fun day on the river.      Try it out and we think you’ll agree that this boat is truly FUN.

The New , even FASTER Zen!
The old Zen is  one of my favorite kayaks for all sorts of reasons: speed, forgiveness, easy rolling and that 30-minute soul surf!  To say I was skeptical on what a new Zen would deliver is an understatement.  Again, my concerns were for not!  This new Zen is what we had before in the Zen plus a couple more benefits in design.  The speed is increased with a bit longer and improved hull shape.   More foot room, drier ride, easier boofing…  Where the old Zen punched more, this Zen’s bow will ride up to bring the boof to a cleaner and dryer landing… AKA, this will be a much faster river running kayak.  (Uh– it has a “skipidee do dah” fast exit out of drops that is amazing, I  hear..)   I dare say that the racers out there will be clamoring towards this kayak!
OH… check out this color!!!  Huge buzz on this color!
This is Tie Dye, one of many awesome new colors this year!!!
Lots more info coming.  Amazing show at OR