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Karma First Impressions

Wow. Makes everything easier. Feels like it takes everything down a river grade. I am 5’6” and 155 pounds, and i am loving the Karma medium. The medium Karma paddles and feels smaller than its 86 gallons and 8’ 6’ length It does not matter what kind of river or creek I am running; it makes it easier. It is super stable in boils and chaotic conditions, accelerates fast and is just plain fast. The Karma carves in and out of eddies precisely and with ease. If you have come from a play boating, flat hull back ground you will love this boat. The bow rides over everything, but I was able to push down with my feet and punch through waves and holes. It carries speed out of holes and drops, away from danger, and with no back enders.


Conclusion: if you want a creek boat to do expeditions, run rivers and creeks it will make everything easier. Very stable, fast, carves precisely, great exit from drops and holes, easy to turn, makes boofing easy. The Karma does it all well. I got the Karma and went to Idaho for a week and basically got in it and paddled it. All I did was add some foam to the hip pads. I started with the seat one position back of centre and it was super easy to manoeuvre. I could spin the bow around like a play boat. It paddles way shorter than its length. Right now I am in the centre position and it is still easy to manoeuvre but carves better for my weight.This is a personal preference and can be changed while you are in the boat on the river. I have been paddling for more than thirty years and have paddled lots of good boats, my favourite creek boat is the Karma. Try it and You will love it.

Hope to see you an the river.
Frank Pryce