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I was so skeptical looking at an extended weather forecast that some projected heavy rain would amount to anything I left all my boats up at the river an hour north of my house. I was in the middle of my summer vacation and couldn’t possibly get that lucky in the middle of August.

But it seems I may have stumbled onto a secret, if I leave my boats at my buddies camp I may need to go get them in a big hurry.

We got nailed by some heavy summer rain this past week and I was able to get on my favorite creek and my two favorite freestyle spots. Gulf Hagas, the Madison Wave and a mile from my house, the T-Wave.

There was seemingly no rain where I live in central Maine but western Maine got hit and north central Maine did too so I started driving to get my boats and get to Madison where we got in a great afternoon right before the level dropped out.

The next day I met Miles and Mike, set our shuttle for Hagas and shredded down to Jaws where I took a beating, swam and lost my paddle right in the crux of the gorge. I was minus a little pride, Mike and I took turns hand paddling out the rest of the run in the beautiful Maine summer.

Usually we just set shuttle again but I figured one beating was enough for the day so I headed home only to look down at my hometown wave and see that it looked pretty good. I would have to paddle out to see if the T-wave was really in.

And it was, maybe a little shallow and maybe sore and tired, but it didn’t matter. Ben, Pete and I stayed into the dark throwing flips, and ripping until we were completely spent.

In two days up here I paddled with my favorite kayaking friends. Saw some first time Madison surfers catch that wave with huge smiles. Caught air in the Rockstar and ultimately was humbled in my favorite creek anywhere after making a rookie mistake. It really is amazing where kayaks and some rain will get you!