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LRF or Light Rock Fishing originated in Japan and came over to the UK a few years ago since when it has just exploded in popularity. It is essentially fishing incredibly light jigs and lures and aiming to catch whatever swims. It has been a revelation over here where people now get great pleasure in catching fish that were ignored in the past as being too small, but when targeted on the right gear they can be great fun.

I have tried it on the South Coast in clear water where I had great success catching numerous species and fairly large fish up to 4lb on a 1 gram jig. However the North East coastline is a different storey, where the water is a murky brown and visibility minimal. Today’s target was simple, just catch a fish.

Again the winds were strong and it was going to be uncomfortable but I decided on paddling up one of the local creeks that fills with water when the tide comes in. I know it holds fish so it was a case of experimenting with jigs to see if any would work.

There was no need to rig the yak, it was just myself, a paddle my HTO UL Rockfish Rod and a small box of jig heads and lures. It made a change to be travelling so light and I was soon entering the mouth of the creek. Just drifting along, there were fish moving everywhere with bow waves cruising the shallow water as the tide moved over the mud. I knew what they were; mullet and I seriously doubted I would catch one. These are the most elusive fish in the UK, you can catch them in the marinas and docks but when they move up and down the creeks they are almost impossible. I know guys who have dedicated year after year trying for them, being able to see them in numbers but taking years to catch one. They would have to wait; my hopes were pinned on flounders.

After a few casts I felt a pluck on the retrieve and a bit of weight. Was in a fish ? No it was a crab. But if the crabs liked my lures then maybe the fish would to. A few casts later and a more aggressive pluck on the retrieve, then the rod bucked as the fish dived. This was more like it and on the Ultra Light rod every fish feels like a monster. A flounder came to the top and after a quick photo was released. Perfect.

Another fish soon after and that was me done. I had set out to try something new and it worked which is always a bonus. It was time to go home, and start preparing for this weekend’s kayak fishing meet at Flamborough.

However now I need to start thinking about how to target those elusive mullet.