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As I watch another beautiful sunset over the boats, river and fields in the distance, I have chance to reflect on an awesome summer and take in the reality that it is almost over. I have now been at the Ottawa training on the river for 5 weeks. In that time I have paddled with so many people and learnt so much it feels like I have been here longer but in some ways I feel like I arrived only yesterday.

The levels this summer have been unusual. We have had a lot of rain so the river has been high meaning Garb (the feature that will host the ICF World Championships in 2015) has not been in much. So most of my training time has been split between Corner Wave, Baby Face and Push Button some of the other awesome and well known waves on the river.

With a focus on worlds I have been trying to focus on developing and improving my newer moves. This has meant an epic number of crashes and wipeouts and lots of flushing as I have been doing a large number of dedicated and focused training sessions. Admist the crashes I have had moments of brilliance nailing some new moves. Enough to keep me going and enough to finally feel that am beginning to lean how to paddle on waves.

‘It takes over 10,000 attempts to even begin to master a new move’ Tyler Curtis

‘Practice makes permanent. Perfect practice makes perfect.’

The moves I have been working on include airscrews, pistol flips, clean blunts and front and back pan ams. As with every stage and element of kayaking learning them is a long process but one which I very much enjoy. As well as trying new moves I have also surfed a lot of new waves including S-Bend, Upper No Name, Corner Wave and Habitat 67.

As well as training I have also had the chance to take part in a lot of other awesome adventures. At the beginning of the trip I competed in the Jimi Cup squirt boating gathering and got my first 21 second Smoothie ride. Then I went on a quick trip to Quebec City and Montreal to see Jez and the Falling Creek Camp lads and surf the Habitat 67 wave. Since then its mostly been non stop Ottawa Valley adventures including catching up with loads of friends from around the world, kayaking, squirt boating, supping and speed boat trips up the river blasting up the rapids and jumping of big cliffs, twilight sunrise and sunset boating sessions and river trips, lots of time on the water and off the water adventures with the awesome young boaters and JK coaching team that are the OKS Keener, movie nights, music festivals, bbq… the list goes on and on.

Life in the Valley is awesome. I can’t believe I only have 1 week left. I’m looking forward to making the most of every minute of it and i’m already looking forward to coming back again for Worlds next summer. But first up more training and then the chance to test it all out at the Canada Cup event next weekend.