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Good times at Outdoor Retailer here in Utah! We’re showing off all our new products to our dealers but I wanted to at least make this short simple post to share the stoke with everyone else because so many people keep asking via Facebook, Instagram etc. I’ll briefly list out all our new products and what/who they’re for and my thoughts on them.

1. Kraken – 15’6 ft, 29.5 inches wide, production model weight approx 76-80lbs, $1799 price

  • Who its for? Anyone who wants to take on big water or just needs to paddle longer distances. This is the fastest boat in the JK line; we worked with Jim Sammons to make sure it was a good “paddlers” boat (as he likes to call it) and not just an “offshore” kayak. In fact, I rarely fish offshore but I’m going to get one for inshore use and just so I have one for when I do go offshore. I’m fortunate because I’ve got a lower center of gravity than most and can actually stand in this kayak as well.
  • My thoughts – My favorite feature/s the method in which the JKrate and Plano box (that come with the Kraken) secure to the YakAttack gear tracs. When tackling big surf its bound to happen when you’re day comes to get tossed by the elements. When that day comes, when in the Kraken, you need not worry about your gear being lost. The savings alone in lures and tackle alone will be worth the cost of purchasing this boat. However, there area about 10 other incredible features that blow me away and make it one incredible boat but I’ll let you visit the Jackson Kraken page or Jim’s “Kayak Fishing Show” page for more info on this incredible fishing craft.

2. Coosa HD – 11’8 ft, 33.5 inches wide, approx production model weight 69-71 lbs (without seat). $1699 price

(Prototype Depicted)

CoosaHD Drew Gregory

  • Who’s it for? Those who really enjoy fishing moving water (rivers, creeks, moving inshore water etc) but also still enjoy fishing flat water from time to time as well. If you felt the original Coosa was a little small for you then the HD may be your kayak because it is more stable. It also is a little faster and tracks well which is why it is a bit better on flat water than the original Coosa.

  • My Thoughts- It boasts a lot of cool new features including rod trough tip protectors, padded flooring, hinged hatches, hawg trough stager, Yak Attack GoPro pole mount, new adjustable trim (in hi and lo!) Elite Seat 3.0 with Thermarest lumbar support and Plano pockets (with 2 Planos included), new foot pegs, pull tabs on all j-hook bungees, hinged hatches, molded in drag chain chute, Power Pole Micro Anchor ready, new hinged and removable “Coosa Console” with day hatch and secure storage area for items, also comes with YakAttack Gear Tracs, RAM rod holders and the Buck Knives “splizzors” tool ($100 retail value). All in all, this kayak has about all you’d ever need already on it and is still only $1699!

3. Cuda LT – 12’8 ft, 32.5 inches wide, approx production model weight 52-53lbs (without seat). $1799 price

  • Who’s it for? For anyone who wants a faster, more responsive, more stable and lighter weight Cuda 12.Cuda LT Drew Gregory
  • My thoughts – This boat is made via a different method than any other Jackson Kayak – thermoforming. What does that mean for you? Well, thermoforming allows us to make a lighter weight boat (15lbs lighter than the Cuda 12) that is actually a few inches longer and inch and a half wider than the Cuda 12. So, it’s slightly bigger, but significantly lighter. A thermoform kayak is still very durable and abrasion resistant but they are probably not the best choice for running whitewater rivers with a lot of exposed rock. Bottom line, this is going to make angler’s live easier on the water, off the water and especially car topping.
    Cuda 12 LT Jackson Kayak

4. RealTree Camo Kilroy – 12’4 ft, 31 inches wide, weight 64lbs (without seat). $1799 price

  • Who’s it for? For those outdoorsmen who love to hunt and/or fish. Realtree Kilroy
  • My thoughts – I’ve been super impressed with what our product manager Damon Bungard has been able to do this year, but I know he’s probably personally most excited about this boat because he is an avid hunter. Plus, the Kilroy was his concept to begin so combining all of his passions into one kayak is how I would describe this Realtree Kilroy edition. It’s no secret that the kayak, in general, has proven to be an incredible tool for hunting numerous animals and the Kilroy is now the perfect tool for it as it’s decked out in true Realtree camo with removable decoy bag, cutouts to access YakAttack gear tracks and the entire blind folds into the front soft deck cover to stow up easy just like a tent. When not using the blind, the Kilroy still boasts Realtree vinyl cutouts on the kayak to still give it that Realtree feel and sleek look. So, grab your dog, lean the new camo elite seat down and start calling those waterfowl in!Kilroy Realtree Damon Bungard

5. Big Rig Pro – 13’2 ft, 37 inches wide, weight 92lbs (without seat). $3699 price which includes Raymarine Dragonfly Fish Finder, Power Pole Micro Anchor, Buck “Splissors,” 2 Plano boxes, JKrate

  • Who’s it for? Big Rig Pro is still for those anglers who may need a higher weight capacity or those that simply want unmatched stability.

  • My thoughts – If anyone needs a kayak that comes with everything already on it, this would be the Big Rig Pro. I can see a lot of new kayak anglers who don’t want to spend the money on all these accessories separately going with the Big Rig Pro because you save money buying them all together on this package and you don’t have to worry about rigging and outfitting it all yourself.

6. Elite Seat 3.0, Elite Seat 2.0 and Elite Seat

  • Figured I would explain the new Elite Seat, which is called Elite Seat 3.0 and what the difference is between 2.0 (also unveiled here at OR) and the original. There really is no different in how the 3.0 and 2.0 feel when you’re sitting in them or the look, they’re identical. Basically the only difference in 2.0 and 3.0 is the feet of the seat and how it works with our hi/lo system. The 2.0 works on any existing Jackson Kayak that has the elite seat. The 3.0 only works on the Kraken and Coosa HD which have the new trim adjustment. So, yes, that means the 2.0 is retrofittable to any of your current Jackson Kayaks. The 2.0 will come standard on all those previous existing models for 2015, except the original Coosa, Cruises and Tripper which will have the original elite seat still.

  • So, what does the new elite seat 3.0 and 2.0 boast? Well, a new high tech, stain resistant fabric (used by some vehicle manufacturers in their newest seats), Thermarest lumbar support and a new ergonomic design and taper upper back area for easier access to those items behind you. Plano/accessory pockets underneath (Planos included) and the Jackson Kayak zipper bag on the back. It also has a slick black/silver look as well as the JK logo across the top to give it a whole new look and feel.

7. Orion Coolers (by Jackson Kayak) – Check out for pricing and more info

  • This is one of the coolest new products that we’re making. We’ve taken our expertise in molding and in developing cool new features on molded products to a new level! These coolers are a complete separate brand from Jackson Kayak and you’ll probably see them at numerous places that our kayaks are not sold, as well as many of our current kayak dealers. There will be 2 sizes for fall 2014 and 2 more coming out in spring of ’15.

  • Some of the cool new features you’ll notice will be molded in Yak Attack gear tracks for all those cool YakAttack and RAM accessories, padded top for comfortable seating and standing, aluminum corner tie downs that are also bottle openers, aluminum latches, 2 additional molded in tie town points, internal tray with Princeton-Tec light to light up your beverages and the coolest feature of all – camo/multi colors.
  • On a side note, not associated with Orion, we are now making a smaller, less expensive kayak cooler called the JKooler. Keeps ice for 3-4 days and fits nice and snug in your tank well the same way the JKrate does.JKooler

8. New ColorsEvery year we like to mix things up on the colors and this year is no different. You’ll be able to get all the fishing kayaks in the following colors but don’t forget at Jackson Kayak we do offer custom colors for an additional up charge. See your dealer for more details.

  • GI Jackson (NEW) – black, brown, dark green
  • Forrest Camo – Sand, Green, Black
  • Sexy Shad (NEW) slate/blue, yellow, white
  • Sunrise (NEW) Yellow, Red
  • Dorado (NEW but looks similar to green hornet from ’14) Lime, Slate, Black
  • Urban Cowgirl (NEW), Pink, White, Brown
  • Yak Attack edition (Coosa, Big Rig and Kilroy) – Slate, White, Orange
  • Realtree Camo Edition (Kilroy only)
  • Cuda LT Only – Red top/White Bottom, Blue top/White Bottom, Lime top/White bottom.