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Looking at the forecast a trip out was not looking favorable with strong gusts, low cloud and thunderstorms would mean a no go, but thankfully the weatherman was wrong, the winds had dropped and there storms were now not due to hit. It was going to be a late evening session once the kids were in bed.

All my gear was set ready to go already so I just had to grab a few bits and I was away, picking a friend up along the way and a decision of where to fish was formulated, just in case the wind did pick up we chose Runswick Bay which can offer shelter from most winds.

Only having a couple of hours before last light I chose a mark not far out where its fairly rough ground and drops from 20ft of water into 50ft, an area which has produced for me in the past. The water was slightly green again so clarity was not good, but I tried the trusty old pirk and Hokia set up again, bouncing it off the bottom.

On the first drift I hooked into a nice codling weighing just over 4lb on one of the Hokia’s, she put up a good scrap but was soon on the deck of the Cuda. At the same time my mate, Steven hooked into a small Pollock, which just as he unhooked and went to get his camera flicked back over the side and back into the water, although it was nothing big it was still a personal best for him so a photo would have been nice.

The fishing was slow after that, shoals of small bait fish passed us by but it didn’t seem like there was anything chasing them, lures were fished towards and amongst them to no avail. A couple of drifts later I set the GoPro on record, I have just got it and still learning, and recorded the fishing on this drift and glad I did, so far along I had a good take and a short but spirited fight and another codling was onboard slipping the hook out, smiling for the camera and back she went to fight another day. Picking up a few small coalfish after this and then as the light started to fade, the fishing went off and no bites in a long time. We called it a day and headed back in, the surf had picked up and made the landing a bit more of a challenge, at high water your landing between two sets of large piles of rocks which are sea defenses, I got my timing right and got in without any problems, a little daunting but the Cuda handled it with ease. The light had completely gone now with the clouds setting in for the night.


I was happy with the evenings fishing, only a few hours out on the water but good to be out there, thanks for reading, Mike