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[youtube][/youtube]I have paddled with Rush Sturges, mostly meeting at competitions or events around the world since the 90’s.   He comes from a family that has been a leader in whitewater for many years before that and still is with Otter Bar.    Watching Rush grow up from a junior paddler, to Senior, to film maker, to Adrenaline Rush, to Rudy Rampage, back to competitor again is an impressive growth phase that has spanned many years.    He  has been a big part of Team Dagger for so long that I never imagined him on Team Jackson Kayak.   When he started paddling our freestyle boats in competitions, I was so proud to have a boat that Rush felt was worth paddling even though he wasn’t on our team.

This past winter, Rafa left his Karma in Rush’s yard and told people they could try it if they wanted.    The result was unexpected to me.   Rush and many others who paddle together on the Little White started paddling the Karma and by the Spring Rush wanted his own Karma to race in.   I was, once again, so thrilled that he liked the boat enough to want to paddle it, even though he wasn’t on our team.

Fast forward and Rush is now on the team, and will be an integral part of the team with both Rush Sturges and also his production company- River Roots.   Rush’s first production is a promo video he made to tell the story of his transformation to Team Jackson Kayak.

Team Jackson Kayak is not a team of purchased paddlers paid to paddle JK boats.    We are a team of people that paddle regardless of getting any cash or support and we chose Jackson Kayak because we love the product, and our kayaking experience is more important than money.    The day we stop making boats that the best paddlers want to paddle, the best paddlers will no longer be on Team JK.     No amount of money could keep them.    Our selection of kayakers is very careful at the factory team level.   We are almost batting 1000 on having long term team members who love the product and stay forever.   We are excited about Rush coming to us and hope to provide him with a home for as long as he wants one.

Welcome Rush Sturges- Adrenaline Rush- and even Rudy Rampage….