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On a recent trip to Florida, my bride Angie and son Ethan got to put our Nocqua Adventure Gear lights to the test for the first time. The shallow (2 foot and less), crystal clear waters were the perfect testing ground for us with the lights. We put the Nocqua 2000 white LED system on Ethan’s Cuda 14 and put the Nocqua Spectrum system on Angie’s Cruise 12. The Spectrum LEDs change through multiple colors and can even flash through a party mode. It looked like Angie was paddling in a salt water disco; all she was missing was a big mirror ball!
Ethan was trying to gig flounder and had there been any around they would have been in trouble. The bottom was carpeted with stingrays but not a single flounder was to be seen. To add to the excitement we all had fish jump in our boats while paddling that night, Ethan and Angie both had mullet join them while I had a more interesting encounter. A needlefish squirmed through my scupper hole and came up between my toes! I am a grown fella, but I gotta admit for a short second I was about to give the needlefish my Big Rig!
The shallow water stretched forever and we would have had to go a very long distance to be in water more than knee deep. It made a great place for a moonlight paddle and that was made even cooler by having the Nocqua lights along for the ride. The underwater wildlife we could see while paddling just amazed us. I can see the benefits of the lights for fishing as well and as soon as Angie gives me my Spectrum system back I will be using the green lights to attract minnows and crappie. If the fishing isn’t great there is always party mode!