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As the sunsets over the valley after another day out on the warm waters of the Ottawa I have finally had a chance to take a break from surfing the epic waves on my doorstep to put together a wrap up video from the last 8 months.

Focusing on my squirt boating and freestyle technical skills. This video is a super technical wrap up of my favourite and most difficult moves.

I have been training hard and with the help of my coach Dennis Newton, my personal trainer Abel Doudnik and a lot of friends to push my level in the sport forwards. I have huge steps forward in my hole boating and in my squirt boating and now here on the Ottawa I am applying that progression and learning into my wave boating too.

The first 1min 30 is squirt boating the next 1min 30 is freestyle. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed learning and throwing it.