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Shot entirely with the GoPro Hero 3 Silver Edition with unique angles, TKFTV Episode 4 is sure to capture some of the harsh Texas landscape. In this episode, I visit the Llano River to go after some Largemouth Bass. The water was really murky for this time of year, but the fishing wasn’t lacking any.
Upon first arrival to the river, I noticed that getting down to the water would be a little difficult, but thank goodness this wasn’t my first rodeo and I was prepared. I had never been to this exact location before, but from research that I had done, it had some good possibilities. To get down to the water, I had to use a long rope with my dad holding on to it. There was a little dirt path that was quite steep to go down to the water, but this was the only good spot to put in at due to a lot of brush and cactus everywhere else. The path was pretty steep and dusty, so it was pretty easy to lose your footing. We finally got our Big Tuna in the water, but we wouldn’t be getting in it quite yet. We were in a stagnant pool that seemed to have formed from high waters. A lot of silt and mud had deposited in this pool, along with a large growth of vegetation. We had to walk through this mushy muck for quite a bit before we were in semi-open water.
I usually do articles to express what I do, but this time, I think a video would do well. So check out TKFTV Episode 4 shot entirely with a GoPro Silver Edition and composed with GoPro Cineform Studio.