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Two nods on the rod tip and line that slowly started ticking off the spool was all that happened. At over 1600ft something had picked up my big deadbait slowly drifted over the bottom. I knew it was likely to be a greenland shark since they are the only predators big enough to take that size bait at those depths. I got in position and held my breath. I was fishing strapped in to the equipment and I knew it could turn ugly if I was to hook something big enough to pull me off the kayak. I reeled down and set the hook and what followed next was a feeling that I had caught the bottom but the bottom was shaking it´s head.

An hour and a half later I saw an enormous stone-like creature emerge in the crystal clear Norwegian water and I almost shit myself. The fight was not spectacular but worse than imaginable. There were no time for me to just put pressure on the fish and rest my body. I had to continously keep reeling in. At a few times I thought I was to go over as the fish took line on a pre-set drag of 45lb.

I surfaced the fish and landed it by touching the leader. A research team then took over and documented the fish since we had a time limit of five minutes to release her. We have filmed everything and on the video that will be released later this year you will be able to see everything from hook-set to the shark swimming back unharmed.
I fished from the BigRig and it performed perfectly for this brutal type of fishing. The fish is a new unofficial world record for the biggest kayak caught fish.
It measured 401cm in length and 202 in girth and weighed an calculated weight of 566kgs
The Big Rig is a beast of a kayak!!
Joel Abrahamsson, Abu Garcia and Jackson Kayak team.