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This weekend I was fortunate enough to have my Saturday and Sunday free so I decided on a trip away overnight.

I fancied a change from the usual kayak fishing so decided to head off to an island I know in the middle of a loch which holds a good head of fish. I wanted to bank fish with the deadbait rods and do a bit of bait fishing for a change.

Myself and a friend left Glasgow in the early hours. The weather was to be on our side with a little rain and wind. We did not care as the island was sheltered and we would be able to sleep under the stars for the night.

We arrived at the loch and packed the kayaks with our suppliesfor the day/night ahead.

Bait was to be mackerel, Lamphrey, rainbow trout and perch.

We paddled over to the island which is only really a 15 minute paddle. We got the kayaks beached and set up the rods on the banks.

I had two rods out in the centre of camp while my mate set his up on either side which proved to be more advantageous.

After a few hours and a few fish, nothing of any great size so we went for a paddle around and about hooking into a few small pike and perch.

As the day went on we went back to camp to chill out between the rods.

My mate had the fish of the day with a nice big pike. I had a nice eel in the darkness of night.

I had lent my cuda 14 to my mate which proved to be a great idea as the seats work great for a bed for the night. The big tuna is the perfect boat for taking lots of gear with you as I had stocked it right up and it probably handled better with all the extra weight on it.

A great night away with great company and some really good sport and a little change from jigging for pike from the kayaks.