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After working 4 weeks with only the one day off I was looking forward to the prospect of a full weekend’s fishing! We were heading to the UK’s Lake District (Cumbria) located in the far north west of England, the target to hopefully find some of the Pike and Perch.

4am start, car loaded up and we were on our way. We arrived at Derwent Water for 8.30am, bit of a breeze running down the lake but otherwise a nice day. Everything setup and on the water in no time at all, let’s see where the Perch & Pike are.

We fished a shallow bay that has produced plenty of fish on previous visits, however it became apparent that the fish had vacated the bay and moved off to deeper water. This caused a few problems as Derwent Water is quite a big lake by England standards, looks like we’ll have to work a little to find the fish.

After a paddle around we find some nice dropoffs from 10ft to 25ft with the fish finder showing shoals of Perch at the base of the dropoffs. Today we were dropshot fishing worm and it worked a treat, soon as it hit the bottom the Perch were nailing it or at least stealing the worm! Fishing was patchy but plenty of Perch were showing but unfortunately only small Perch.

Fishing buddy Scott was lucky enough to find a much nicer Perch of 2lb 5oz, a lovely fish that put up a good scrap. We worked on the basis that if Perch are here then Pike can’t be fair away, well we were wrong! Well there may of been Pike there but they weren’t interest! Apart from one Pike which turned out to be the smallest Pike in the Lake District!! 🙂

Overall we had a great weekend, had to work for our fish but it just makes it more rewarding when you do catch.