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This past weekend we just competed in the Canada Cup event on the Garburator Wave located on the Ottawa River. This was the Pre-Worlds event (host location for next years 2015 World Championships) as well as the National Team selection for Canada.

A ton of amazing paddlers came out of the woodwork to try their hand at making the Canadian Team. It was a spit showing between some on the new young guns and some of the older more established paddlers. The levels were perfect and the tricks were huge. After some tough battle rounds came the finals were Devyn Scott, Joel Kowalski, Dane Jackson, Stephen Wright, and myself in the finals. Though in the end Dane Jackson took home first while I finished second and Devyn third. Congrats to all the Canadain Team members and great job to all the competitors for the stiff competition.

It was an awesome weekend and I am proud to claim the Canadian National Championships. I cant wait for the World Championships in 2015, will be an amazing event for next year.