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When fishing for Pollock I always fish lures, mainly soft plastics but troll crankbaits as well. But for a change I decided to spend an evening float fishing Ragworm in the hope of the finding a few Pollock and maybe if I’m lucky a Wrasse.

This is a first for me so I was looking forward to sitting back and watching a float. I paddled out to some nice kelp covered ground, dropped anchor with the idea of simply dropping the bait over the side of the kayak and just let the tide take the bait away.ยจ

I was in 20ft of water so set the bait to be around 3-4ft off the kelp, a couple of runs through and nothing happened then came along a dinky Pollock of less than a pound. One of the smallest Pollock I’ve ever caught but one of the most rewarding purely because I caught it on a new method (to me anyway!).

I managed another a little bigger, I did hook into a much better fish but lost it in the kelp ๐Ÿ™ No matter though, I tried something new for me and it worked so I’m very happy with those little Pollock ๐Ÿ™‚