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This week I was able to run the Maryland side of Great Falls for my first time with Collin Kemp and OG Jim Burley! The river was beautiful with lots of drops and options, and flowing the perfect level for my first time down so I was stoked. We Paddled over the damn and hopped out of our boats before the first drop to scout. The first drop (Pummel) looked super fun. It’s a 30ft with a super soft landing so you can boof it! The second drop (Pencil Sharpener) is fairly technical, you start in a tight slot then you have to drive hard right in order to avoid Key Hole (a super sketchy sieve).

I was feeling good, so we decided to run the first two drops then hop out and scout the last drop (Horseshoe). We walked back up and got in out boats and it was go time! Collin led and then it was my turn, so I peeled out of the eddy, set up my angle then hucked a huge boof (it felt like I was flying)! After Pummel, it was time for Pencil Sharpener. I hit the line perfect, easily avoiding Key Hole. We jumped out of our boats to look at Horse Shoe which has a huge frowny hole, with a must make finger boof with a hidden rock right before it. I was still feeling good so I decided to run it. It went really well ,getting the boof perfect. Afterward, we surfed a little then hopped out and walked back to the parking lot. Huge thanks to Collin and Jim, I had a blast and I’m super stoked that I was able to run such an awesome section of the Potomac River!