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Having the ability to locate fish is one of the most valuable features of a kayak to an angler. Many boats do this well, but Jackson Kayak’s Coosa does it great. Holding your spot, and stealthily maneuvering your craft as you pull fish out of current, cover, and open water is what sets the Coosa apart from its competition. Over the last week, this signature kayak has impressed me, as it excelled in the mighty rivers of Columbus and Cincinnati, small streams of Northwest Ohio, and small lakes and reservoirs in between. Being a master of your vessel is of utmost importance on the water, and the Coosa excels on any moving water on up to medium-sized lakes. From the scorching heat of mid-day to the darkest hours of the night, this kayak has kept me comfortable and safe each time out on the water, and has landed some very nice fish in the process. Man was not made to live in the water, and so we are always going to be a paddle-stroke behind the fish we seek. However, Jackson Kayak’s Coosa gets the angler that much closer to leveling the playing field with our finned-friends. I believe in this boat, and encourage anyone considering a river boat or small-water craft to give a Coosa a test-paddle at your nearest Jackson dealer!