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Ever since I first saw Jim Sammons on his show wearing a Jackson Kayak I had to have one. Being the frugal person I am though, I went the route of buying cheap ones only to be dissatisfied. The cheap ones, bend, dent, scar easily, won’t track well and well you know the rest. I returned both kayaks I purchased and committed to spending the extra cash for a “real” kayak. The next day I went to the Alpine shop in Kirkwood to see the different JK models up close and personal. After a very informative hour long discussion with the manager I settled on the Cuda 12. He offered to loan me a kayak but just the look and feel of the Cuda up close was enough. I had it on the water the very next morning.
It only took the one outing to convince me this is the one for me. It’s rugged! It is stable, it tracks well etc. Best of all, it fits in my garage and my truck bed. It is ready to go on a moments notice.
Thanks guys!