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Whether on the water or off, it’s always kind of a cool to randomly run into fans of what I do, or of Jackson Kayak in general. It’s especially special to me when it is a child or young adult because you get to spend some time really influencing someone in a positive way that can affect them long term. New Jackson Kayak Pro Staffer Aaron Stiger recently had one of the coolest candid experiences while running into a young man, Cordell Daugherty, while on the water in Ohio. Aaron’s GoPros were rolling the whole time and as you’ll see Cordell seems like a kid on Christmas morning when he gets a chance to talk to Aaron about his Coosa kayak, and eventually paddle it. Watching the joy this gave Cordell serious puts a smile on my face and reminds me of why I do this. It also makes me appreciate the kind of folks I get to work with like Aaron who never hesitated to give up some fishing time to spend it with Cordell. ¬†What you’re about to watch is EXACTLY what Jackson Kayak is all about!