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During the summer months we were a few times with our kayaks at sunrise or sunset on the river Weser in Bremen fishing for perch, walleye or asp. Simply, the biting activity was extremely short and the fish attacked omly small hardbaits.

Bites on softbaits were an absolute exception. Hot spots were as usual the breakwater pylons at nightfall, here you could find the walleye. The perch were in large flocks under bridges or in shallow areas go. If you found them, you could catch some of them within minutes.

Although 30 + and 40 + perch were also from time to time here, the average size was rather much smaller. Interestingly, it is in the coming autumn months, when the fish move to the deeper regions of the side waters and can be re-fished vertically from Kayak. For me personally the most effective fishing method in autumn and winter.