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The cold water safety/self rescue clinic was a success. We had a total of 14 anglers attend. Some were completely new to ocean fishing and some had over 20 years of experience.

Sean Morley was kind enough to be our instructor. He shared his knowledge and experience with all of us and we were all very grateful and excited to have such a legend teaching us.

On the shore we went over safety items, signaling devices, and what to wear. Sean even spent a few minutes on having a proper paddling stroke. Once on the water we were shown several different techniques for self rescuing. We all practiced dumping into the freezing water of the Pacific ocean for over an hour. Everybody even practiced helping an injured kayaker back onto their kayak.

The confidence and experience I earned is priceless. I finally found out what’s it’s like to take a swim while wearing a drysuit. (note a drysuit only keeps you dry if the zipper is completely closed lol).

I encourage everybody to think about safety, help those around you, and do your best to make sure everybody is familiar with safety and self rescue (cold & warm water).
Thanks again Sean Morley.