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Flats fishing during the heat of summer in the Florida Keys is usually better early in the day, before the sun has a chance to heat up the water too much. So my fishing friend Sheila and I launched early and went sight fishing from our Jackson Cuda 14s. Sheila was a fly rod / trout guide on the rivers of Montana for years, but recently moved to the Keys and is learning the ropes of our fishery here (quite quickly, I might add). Within minutes of launching, we spotted several tailing redfish in thick turtle grass at the end of the outgoing tide. Winds were calm, and stealth was necessary to get close enough for a shot at these fish. This is one of the things I love about the Cudas – they are quiet boats! Sheila moved into position, dropped a shrimp-tipped jig in front of a couple reds, and ZZZzzzzz – she was hooked up! This was her first redfish, and she was excited! The fish measured 26.5″, and we could have taken it home for dinner, but we chose to let it go. Check out this fishy girl with her fishy prize in a Cuda 14.