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Catch and release of my first Yellowtail on the Kraken Catch and release of my first Yellowtail on the Kraken

The production on the Jackson Kayak Kraken is beginning and I can’t wait for you all to get a chance to get on one and paddle it and check out some of the cool features the team has put together for this boat. I am still paddling a pre production boat but it is VERY close to being a finished product. Thought you might like a look at it while on the water. There was a pretty good rolling swell, strong current and thumpy surf at the launch and the Kraken performed perfectly. Thanks Kirstin Sammons for joining me on the water yesterday to take some shots.
So you have an idea of how much the Kraken carries.
I weigh 230
Full bait tank is around six gallons
Five rods
Full Tackle box
Fish finder
Battery box for finder and bait tank
Game bag with 5 ice packs.
Some other stuff I am sure I am missing.

The Kraken carried all this weight with no issues and paddled like a dream. On a recent trip I added to that several very nice size fish and again it carried the weight very well.