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I was lucky enough to have had a chance to park and play Diagonal Ledges wave on the Lower Gauley this past weekend with some friends.  I’ve been to this wave several times over the past 15 years, and I’ve always remembered it as a great spot for basic surfing moves, but pretty shallow for more vertical stuff and hard to get aerial.  What a difference the new 2014 Rockstar makes here!  I was blown away by what’s now possible with a faster and shorter boat!  In years’ past, I regularly hit bottom doing a blunt, now I’m able to do every wave trick I know!  I was a great reminder to me that a better kayak doesn’t just feel like a better boat–it actually makes every playspot more fun!  It makes “old” spots new and exciting!

Enjoy the photos, shot by myself and Nate Freier (who is the SUP surfer in these photos)  These shots are of me paddling my composite Murky Water/Jackson Kayak Rockstar.  I hit the bottom several times in this boat, but due to the Innegra-built construction, I did no damage–SWEET!  I also got out in my plastic Rockstar, and was able to enjoy the wave just as much.  I feel so lucky to have such a fantastic design available for me to play with every day!

Live from the infamous “Wet House” in Fayetteville, WV,

Stephen Wright

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