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This trip was a great one to say the least. As soon as we hit the water a huge Bald Eagle flew over our heads. It was just my step father Phil and I on this trip. We found a 5 mile stretch to explore that we hadn’t been on yet. This river is 90 miles long. So there is plenty for us to paddle and fish. We have covered about 15 miles of it so far.

Right off the bat I hooked into a nice pike. Then about 2 miles of just pounding water before the next bite. But then it happened. I was taking a break to refuel when I hear Phil..”Pat, it’s a big one..”..I turn to look, Phil’s rod was bent in half and he and his kayak were being pulled down river. I drop my sandwich to go and help. It took a little bit but we managed to net and land this beautiful Pike. 35 inches nose to tail. A great fish, but not only that..this was Phil’s first Pike ever. What a great fish to start off with. Beginners luck..

I landed two more Pike during the float. This was probably the prettiest section of river we have seen so far. We still have another 75 miles to explore.