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I’ve been eyeballing this little river for nearly two years. Last year we decided to explore a section of it. The put in was simple, the takeout required a ½ mile drag over rocky terrain and a crawl up a 10ft bank through the weeds. We were expecting good things so we braved it. That trip was beautiful but fishless.

Using Google Earth I found more potential access further up river. We decided to make a go of it. My brother and step father set off to do some more exploring. One of the things that I love about kayak fishing is family. It has brought my family together on the water. It’s something you don’t have to be rich to do. Anyone can be involved in it. Some of my best trips and most memorable times were with my family and friends on the water.

We set up the drop off car and began our journey. Beautiful river, Bald Eagles, Herons and a mink greeted us in the first mile of river. Then it happened. What we were looking for. I hooked into our first Pike. Not a huge pike but a pike none the less.

We continue on. At this point we are about 2 miles downriver from out beginning. I hook into a bigger pike. I sadly forgot my net at the launch site. I brought my boat in to the rocks to be able to safely land the fish. Not seeing the one snaggle tooth sticking out sideways from the fish’s jaw went to grab my fly out of its mouth. It’s head slashed and that tooth tore through my palm.

That picture of that fish is actually covered in my blood…not pike blood. So that injury ended the trip a bit early as I needed to get bandaged up. My first aid kit for the first time was not with me. Lesson learned, when fishing for fish with teeth, always remember the first aid kit. We ended up cutting my buff into strips so that I could paddle back to the car without dripping blood everywhere.

My brother landed a nice crayfish as you can see in the picture. Another great day of kayak fishing memories with family.