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What an action packed weekend! The Sickline Race did not disappoint. It was crazy to see the same winners from the year before. Both with impressive runs. Joe Morley didnt look like the fastest person on course all weekend but he pulled it off in the finals and claimed his second gold. Nouria Newman won her second Sickline title in the JK Karma and won by over 5 seconds (two combined runs). I had a terrible first run that cost me 6 seconds and with the combined i knew someone else had to really mess up for me to move into top 3. But i did have the third fastest ladies time on my second run and ended up happily in 4th place. Dane had a winning run all the way until Champions Killer- which is exactly why they call it that. He booted too close to rock- tagging it and not moving away from champions killer with speed. Had he nailed champions killer- it would have been the winning run. The same went for many of the men who had several different issues- from skirts popping, to dropping paddles, to missing boofs.

Here is the full results:

Cant wait to get back there in 2015! If the water levels are about the same I may just train this time!

Happy Paddling and Congrats to all the competitors!

Emily Jackson