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Deep Creek is becoming a more and more popular run in the spring and fall here in Idaho. The combination of runs dropping out, different style of whitewater, AND two waterfalls (a treat for Idaho boaters) make it very intriguing. Deep Creek is located just outside of Hagerman, Idaho. The source of the river is from farmers unneeded irrigation water that is not being taken out of the canals. The water is assumed to drain through a couple of cow pastures, equaling crappy water quality (pun intended.) Although the creek is beginning to require annual clean outs due to overgrown brush, the steep and technical nature of the run makes up for it. A huge thanks for the hard work goes out to Kyle Keegan, for continuing to make Deep Creek runnable for all boaters and taking us down! This past weekend was my first time down after my brother, Alec Voorhees, had been down numerous times. I made sure I lapped the first waterfall multiple times and had a great rest of the run! Check out this short little video of my first time down Deep Creek, also my first ever edit of a video on GoPro Studio. Definitely one of my new favorite runs!