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With the evolution of GoPro cameras, we’ve been able to document our adventures better. And through this 3 part tutorial, I want to pass along my tricks to help you get the best shots. Enjoy.

Types of mounts


The most basic and the best for capturing POV (point of view) footage of cool lines and the eventual boof snapshot.


Good b-roll angle. Make sure to tighten the screw well as it tends to get knocked down with waves.


Great video-game style angle. Best in general for waterfalls. Be careful with hitting walls or flipping over. JK’s Levator mount works great, or you can costume make your own. Just make sure to keep it simple and safe.




Fun angle to play with for photos (its usually just weird for video). Be conscious about the side you have it on, pull the camera out of the water and point towards you on cool moments, and be careful to not clip it on a rock when paddling.


Next up

Camera modes: optimizing the way you shoot.