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What was the first river that you ever paddled? For the Goldings it was the Class II section of the James River! It was awesome … we emptied our trailor and had 15 Jackson Kayaks and 3 SUP’s on the river!

We took them 2.5 miles down the river for their first time ever in a kayak. It was so much fun. They all had a blast and really did amazing, even 3 year old Mason, who totally schooled his dad! We also got our whole family on the river, even Coby who is 1! They really stepped out of their comfort zone and tried something totally new … and now they can’t wait to go again!

It’s a well known fact, once you’ve experienced kayaking, you can’t deny the desire to paddle more and more. There’s a kayak for everyone and there’s a river for everyone. You don’t have to huck 100′ waterfalls or paddle class V rivers to experience the joy kayaking has to offer. Here is a great example of a family, spend the day together, learning something new and bonding through it all!

Check out the video below!!