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The Ocoee Race continues to grow exponentially! Yesterday, over 170 racers blasted their way down the Middle Ocoee at their fastest possible pace in one minute intervals, passing each other and lots of rafts in the process. It’s an incredible fun time that is increasing like mad in popularity! Thanks to tireless volumteers from the Tennessee Valley Canoe Club, it is possible (and encouraged!) to race in as many classes as you’d like, giving enthusiastic competitors the opportunity to charge and paddle hard ALL day long!

I’ll post times and list all the finishes later, but for now, here are a few quick results…

Elite Men’s Long boat:
1. Chris Hipgrave
2. David Levitt
3. Hunt Jennings
4. Pat Keller

Elite Women’s Long boat:
1. Adriene Levknect
2. Kat Levitt

Duo Class:
1. Dam Voigt and David Levitt
2. Zach and Kate Fraysier
3. Sam Voigt and Chad Christopher

Jr Men’s:
1. Max Haworth
(there are more – sorry!)

1. Ben Friberg
2. Chris Pesce

In Open Canoe, there was an epic upset.. a girl I met in Augburg, Germany in 2010, named Sabrina Barm, won 1st place, topping the male dominated podium!

I raced twice, and David raced 3 times. He was the first racer on the course and the last also. In the Medium Karma’s, David and I won the fastest short boat times, at 31:20something, and 33:20something..

There were some very fast finishes in the standard Men’s and Women’s long boat class that will stack up with top elite finishes… Look for updated results soon, and a write up about the race, and all it’s exciting challenges, like passing and getting chased down in rapids. The Ocoee Race is awesome fun, and fast boats like the Karma and Karma Unlimited are spreading the race bug all throughout the various layers and ages of the paddling community!!