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Trip to the Nevados in Pucon last november for my birthday with Aniol, Evan & the PSA kids

Absolutely amazing trip to the Nevados during the month of november down here in Pucon. We had a really good water level so we got to enjoy to whole river. what is most awesome about the Nevados is the biggest drop named Demshitz Drop, this is a rapid with a really really tight entry, then a boof into a tiny little pool to finally put yourself into a crazy 50 footer sliding cascade that you don’t want to mess up ! Once you’ve committed to continue to the lower section of this crazy river you are pretty much committed to run the whole thing since you’ve made it all the way to the deepest part of the canyon which are just impossible to climb out. All this things make this run a completely must do if you are down here. Perfect run for a birthday celebration !!!


Fully shot on GoProHero3 – Black Edition

Aditional Footage – Substantial Media House