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Sickline Race 2014! Here we go!!

Today is the last training day for the 2014 Sickline Race here in Oetztal, Austria.

The water levels have been quite low until two days ago when a warm rain storm him all the snow in the mountains. What happened then wasn’t a surprise, the water shot up and the course went from “easiest” its ever been to a full on rowdy surf party. People were swimming, surfing, bouncing off all the wrong rocks and then some. A big portion of our team decided to take the day as a rest day knowing that the water would most likely come down. I was one of those people and paddled on the lower section below champions killer. Several other people who had been running the full course not just the qualifier, took it easier and just did the qualifying section.


Today the water has dropped and people are doing full runs knowing that the water will still drop a bit more, but also knowing its really their last chance to get practice runs in. There will be 150 competitors. Only 48 men advance up to the upper section and I believe 5 women (but I am not 100% sure on that).


I still haven’t run the top section as when I was finally comfortable with the idea of doing it, the water rose to the point where I didn’t want to be anywhere near it.


I did a full Qualification run today and feel ready for the race. I am not mentally prepared for “racing” but more getting down safe and clean. Hopefully that strategy will also give me an okay time.


For the men we have a strong team this year- from Canada we have Joel Kowalski and Nick Troutman, from the states: Dane and EJ as well as Isaac Levenson. From france we have Mathieu Dumoulin and Nouria Newman (last years womens champ) and we also have Pangal from Chile here racing.  Mathieu also has several of our European team paddlers here, and I have been watching them on the course and they look great! Super excited to see our European Team looking so strong.


Now its off to registration and the safety meeting! Be sure to tune in for the live streaming and cheer all the athletes! I am excited to race but equally excited to spectate!! For more info check out the website



Emily Jackson-Troutman


Thanks Mike Dawson for the photo!