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Last weekend was BEAUTIFUL down here in the Monterey area!!

I was lucky enough to be able to get on and in the water both Saturday and Sunday!

Saturday went diving with good buddy Matt, two guys from Australia who are on a spearo roadtrip, and a guy named Philip from NorCal Underwater Hunters and his girlfriend Erin.

Explored around a few spots and then found a decent 26/27 inch Ling in a spot where we often see Lings/cabs. It was prolly about 25-30 feet deep. Pointed the fish out to Philip and told him he should try and get Erin to shoot it since she had never shot a Ling yet…Erin was getting down there pretty good but the silly Ling swam away before she could get a shaft into it. Boo!

A little while later I found a similar sized Ling (maybe the same one?) a few boulders away and a bit deeper and decided this one needed to die so I shot him between the eyes.

Went to another spot I know and blasted some nice olives up to 18 inches, then one more spot of Matt’s where there was a THICK school of blues and blasted as many as I wanted and saw quite a few more 26/27 inch Lings but passed on them cuz was looking for a big mama…that I never found. : /

Here’s a little mini vid of the first few Blues I shot…guess I forgot to charge the GoPro cuz it died before we got into the Olives and Lings and the big schools of Blues.


Sunday went back down to the beach with the whole family!

Took my eight year old daughter Valentina out fishing on the Rivi-T for an hour or so and she caught a couple gophers and a beautiful Copper RF. Her first Copper!!

Then back to shore to meet up with my wife Ana, three year old daughter Jayme, and some good friends.

The rest of the day was spent with all of us paddling around, exploring side beaches, gathering shells, SUPing, getting Valentina to practice getting back in kayak, getting used to what it felt like if she was in kayak and I jumped back in, and flipping kayak back over as well.

This was also the first time in over 9 years of marriage that I have been able to get my wife out on a kayak in the ocean, and the first time Jayme has come out on the kayak at all!!