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This weekend the ‘Young Guns’ Youth Freestyle and Club Championship events took place at the National Water Sports Centre in Nottingham (UK).

Paddlers of all ages and abilities came from clubs all across the UK to test their skills and show of their tricks.

There was head to head boater x races, fun freestyle slaloms, jam sessions and floodlit super finals.

The fun level was super high all weekend. We saw everything from air guitars and shudder rudders to tricky lunar loops

Kids as young a 9yrs old took part in the same comps as adults. Novices, beginners and intermediates paddling with GB team athletes, National Champions, European Champions and World Champions.

The weekend of events was designed for everyone to take part in. The only entry requirement being that you had to be ready for a weekend of fun and not be afraid of getting wet.

As the weekend went on the fun levels just went up and up. Round after round, event after events kids and adults threw flip after flip as they surfed, freestyled, rolled and raced through all the different comps. In the end it was Lee Valley canoe club who took home the Club Championship title and too many individual event winners to list. Check out the websites for full results. There was loads medals and prizes being given out for all the different categories and events.

The ‘Young Guns’ Youth Freestyle series and Club Championships are great events that run annually in the UK. A lot of kids and clubs enter already but a lot are missing out. If you are a kid or in a club and haven’t yet entered yet you should. If your a freestyle kayaker already great. If your not, no worries just head down and get involved. You can learn as you go. Seriously bring your mum, dad, brothers, sisters and friends. In fact bring your whole club. Make this weekend a new addition to your annual kayaking calendar.

That’s what these events are about. Having fun whilst paddling fun rivers and learning new stuff.

If your not in the UK grab your family and friends and head to your local JK Hometown Throw Down. They run all over the world and follow a similar format.

Check out Paddle Education for all the latest coaching advice.

Thank you to Dale Meares. Dan McGaley and Rhona Dempsey for the photos