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Have you ever noticed how everyone on a river generally has a huge smile on their face or the enthusiasticness of their voice as they talk about a rapid. Kayaking may take energy but it is also energizing. You are facing a powerful natural element and trying to work in harmony with it.

Not only are you making friends with nature but also with everyone else around you on the river, because everyone you meet on the river will be another extraordinary person.

The friends you make out there will be life time friends, even if you never see them again for 5 years, you have made that bond on the river that they will remember. The bond you create in sharing your lines, making that rescue or teaching them a new freestyle move.

I believe kayaking brings the best out of people and creates a strong trust, as each paddler is only as safe and strong as those around them.

Not only does it create great friendships and trust but it also creates great inner confidence. Kayaking is just as much a mental game as a physical one. Yes it requires athleticism but that is easier to produce than the mental aspect.

Many kayakers, new and old struggle with the fear factor which all comes from not trusting in themselves. And if you don’t have faith then it is very likely you will not succeed. So my advice here is to make wise decisions within your capabilities but to always be confident in your decision and in each of your strokes as you are making them.

Another aspect that makes kayaking so awesome is where we do it. Out on the river, in the ocean, down a mountain, in a lake. Wherever we are it has its own natural beauty. The natural beauty cannot help but cheer up your day and bring a smile to ones face. No matter what your life problems are they no longer matter once you seal entry in or take that first stroke.

Exercise is known to let off endorphins and make us happy but I believe kayaking makes us extra happy for these reasons I have talked about. It makes us better people, creates trust and friendships, gets us out and about exploring and challenging our own capabilities and takes us places others would never see.

This is why kayaking is so awesome and you should encourage more people to give it a go, get out on the river and enjoy your life!
Don’t just take my word for it.

Courtney Kerin