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Though I live on the coast and do love my sea fishing I must admit I really enjoy driving across the country to visit the UK’s Lake District, beautiful scenery but more importantly some nice fishing. By UK standards these are quite big lakes so sometimes locating the fish can take a little work but once found great fun can be had.
Today’s target were Perch, no BIG Perch today but one of those I’m just happy to be out kinda days, you know the ones where you are just happy to have a day off from work and chill doing what you love 🙂


First job was to stock up on essentials so a dozen donuts bought! Setup then hit the water, it was a lovely day with a slight breeze so were hopeful of a few fish.
Only had to paddle 1/2 mile to find a likely looking spot so started the drifts. We were fishing a mix of dropshot worm/lures and casting softbaits, it wasn’t long before we found a few Perch. The shoals were dotted about so you’d get a few fish then have to drift 100yds before finding another shoal and so it continued.
We had sport all day long with nothing big appearing with the largest at almost 2lb for Mark, great sport though and provided plenty of entertainment which is what we were there for so we were very happy 🙂

JK-Lakes3 JK-Lakes4JK-Lakes5

We finished the day with lots of fun sized Perch got plus a lost Pike, it was a great day in fantastic scenery with a good friend.
Ticking the boxes!