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2016 has come and gone so quickly. It is the time again to set my goals for the next year. I like to use goal triangle to help me prioritize my goals. At the top there is your ultimate goal. The level below is the requirements to achieve. Then the bottom level is how you will fulfill the requirements above. This helps me breakdown my goals and visualize my steps to success.
My lifetime goal is to medal in the Women’s Freestyle Worlds. I will do everything in my power to achieve this goal.
I will start now by waking up early (which I dread), training, working out, and eating right. My goal is to work out early in the morning at least three times a week. It will be hard for me to leave the warmth of my bed and get moving. But, I will do it.

Training, is the best part! I get to go kayaking. I must go paddle even in the cold (within reason) and practice. I will paddle at least four times a week, except in the winter because I freeze and then I am miserable. Kayaking isn’t miserable, it is FUN!! Not COLD!! But, I will work out to get physically fit in the offseason.
Another factor is experience. I will compete in at least 8 freestyle competitions. I have been slacking this year and must compete and get used to timing and competition rides.
I must know the tricks and be able to complete them. I must be able to nail loops, blunts, back blunts, and space godzillas this year. I need to step up my game. I need to be better in a hole, and have more control on a wave (and not get worked).


I have some side goals also. One of which includes running a waterfall. It was my goal last year and I could not find the time to complete it. But this year it will happen. I plan on running Ohiopyle Falls. I hear it is a great starter waterfall. I will do my absolute best to achieve my goals and fulfill them. I cannot wait for 2017 to get started.

SYOTR in 2017…and Beyond!!!